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Archaeology & Anthropology | Science & Technology

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

DNA from 31,000-year-old milk teeth leads to discovery of new group of ancient Siberians

Two children's milk teeth buried deep in a remote archaeological site in north eastern Siberia have revealed a previously unknown group of people lived there during the last Ice Age.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

The Lion Man: an Ice Age masterpiece – The British Museum Blog

The Lion Man is a masterpiece. Sculpted with great originality, virtuosity and technical skill from mammoth ivory, this 40,000-year-old image is 31 centimetres tall. It has the head of a cave lion with a partly human body. He stands upright, perhaps on ti

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Lasers Reveal 60,000 Ancient Maya Structures in Guatemala - HISTORY

“This is HOLY [expletive] territory,” tweeted one archaeologist about the discoveries.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Ancient Human Ancestors Had to Deal with Climbing Toddlers

Australopithecus afarensis toddlers had a special grasping toe that helped them hold on to their mothers and escape into the trees, reports a study published today (July 4) in Science Advances.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

NEWS: Archaeologists unearth largest-ever discovered obelisk fragment from Egypt’s Old Kingdom | The Egyptiana Emporiu

“A Swiss-French archaeological mission at the Saqqara necropolis, directed by Professor Philippe Collombert from the University of Geneva, has unearthed the upper part of an Old Kingdom obelisk that belonged to Queen Ankhnespepy II, the mother of King P

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Archaeologists Unearth 115,000-Year-Old Bone Tools in China | Archaeology, Paleoanthropology | Sci-News.com

An international team of researchers led by Université de Montréal’s Dr. Luc Doyon has found seven bone soft hammers at the early hominin Lingjing site in Xuchang county of Henan province, China. These 115,000-year-old tools represent the first instan

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Earliest known art in Europe confirmed. Were the creators Neanderthals? | Popular Archaeology - exploring the past

Research in four caves in Spain show artwork created earlier than 64,000 years ago, predating the generally accepted date range for the arrival of modern humans in Europe by more than 20,000 years.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

The Thistlegorm Project | 3D Survey and 360 Videos

An archaeological survey of the SS Thistlegorm shipwreck in the Red Sea, Egypt. Featuring 3D photogrammetry and 360 degree underwater video.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Jaw from Israeli cave is oldest human fossil outside Africa, scientists say - The Washington Post

The newfound jawbone with eight teeth still embedded in it adds complexity to the story of humanity, scientists say.

Science & Technology | Archaeology & Anthropology

Cahokia: North America's First City

Cahokia was one of the largest cities in the world hundreds of years before Columbus. But by 1400 A.D., it had been abandoned.