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Science & Technology | Social Media

Glenn Reynolds Is Right: Social Media Is Making Us Crazy

In his compelling new chapbook for Encounter — The Social Media Upheaval — Glenn Harlan Reynolds, aka The Instapundit, aka The Blogfather, asserts that social media is, to put it bluntly, driving us nuts. "Society seems to be going steadily crazi

    Science & Technology | Social Media

    CrossFit Boycotts Facebook, Instagram, Lists Litany of Complaints

    CrossFit Inc., the rights holder to the CrossFit fitness regimen, announced it will cease the use of its ...

      Science & Technology | Social Media

      Trump White House Asks Public To Report Social Media Sites If 'Suspended, Banned' For Being Conservative | Daily Wire

      President Trump's White House is asking people to report social media sites, including Twitter, Google, and Facebook, if they suspect the site's "political bias" has caused them to be banned.

      Science & Technology | Social Media

      Facebook vs. Conservatives

      Facebook discriminates against conservatives and there is a strong case for regulatory action

          Science & Technology | Social Media

          Facebook Turned A Blind Eye To 'Friendly Fraud' As Kids Racked Up Thousands On Games

          Newly unsealed court documents and an investigative report reveal that Facebook purposefully turned a blind eye to kids unwittingly spending their parents money on Facebook games, worried that a solution would hurt revenue.