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Environment/Climate Change | Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous | Environment/Climate Change

    It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue | National Review

    My proposal resists the flawed reasoning of the radical Left while embracing market-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

    Miscellaneous | Environment/Climate Change

    Second person connected to Mexican monarch butterfly reserve found dead in a week

    Mexican authorities are investigating the deaths of two men-- a part-time tour guide and an anti-logging activist-- both of whom had connections to one of the country's largest butterfly sanctuaries and who died within a week of each other. 

      Miscellaneous | Environment/Climate Change

      The Fourth Reich | The American Spectator | Politics Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously.

      China is the world champion at “cancel culture.” Only when the communist tyranny cancels you, you aren’t just hounded off social media or pushed out of a job in the media or academia. You are literally canceled; executed, organ harvested,...

        Miscellaneous | Environment/Climate Change

        How America’s New Sexual Dynamic Is Destroying Marriages And Families

        That’s the missing element in the push for the so-called equal marriage. By suggesting men and women are essentially the same, we set them up to fail.

          Miscellaneous | Environment/Climate Change

          An Unlimited Supply Of Borrowed Cash Is Destroying Higher Education

          If college is made 'free,' there will be no reason to stop spending. We, the people who pay, must demand universities and politicians focus on education.