I've spent years writing technical reports which I didn't care much about. But I am at a point in my life where I feel the urge to really do what I love. So for me there is no better way of doing this than writing about books which I simply love to read.


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Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order

You have never read a book like this before... Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order contains secrets that have been changing our world from day one, whenever that was. That change continues today, is manifesting before our very eyes. If you care to look!

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    Lose Weight for Good: Full-flavour cooking for a low-calorie diet

    This book IS NOT a diet plan. IT IS a recipe book for those following a low calorie diet. The recipes look amazing, are clearly laid out and easy to follow. Amazing recipes for a healthy life style.

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      A book that reinvents the fairytale for young women. Vibrantly illustrated and truly inspirational, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls tells the inspirational stories of 100 heroic women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.

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        The book is a transcript of three lectures given by Richard P. Feynman at the University of Washington in April, 1963.

        The consensus is one of great respect for Feynman, how impressive he was as a public speaker. There is also acknowledgment that there are "some nuggets of pure Feynman gold in this book" (David Goodstein, American Scientist, who attended the lectures in person), On paper however, Feynman's message is somewhat obscured in not lost althogether, especially in the extemporized third lecture.

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          Today I decided to blow my own trumpet. And why not?!

          This book that I've authored following research I carried out into the subject revealed some troubling facts for students in the UK. Therefore the idea behind the book is create value by providing a practical guide with 40 methods anybody with a computer and internet connection could follow to raise extra cash. Did you know that 41% of UK students claim to have gone without food because of money problems, while 73.8% are struggling to make ends meet in spite of their maintenance loan?

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            The first book in Rowling’s seven book wizardry extravaganza is quite undeniably one of the most popular books to have ever been written. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past fifteen years the Harry Potter books tell the story of orphan Harry James Potter and the discovery of his secret magical powers and the role he plays in the safety of the hidden world of witchcraft and wizards.