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10 albums from the 1980s that changed rock history

The '70s might have been when rock came into its own, but the genre underwent a sea change when these albums came out.

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20 underrated bands from the 1980s

Perhaps they resided in the shadow of someone else within a genre, or maybe there was a lack of mainstream appreciation. Maybe they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That could have been the case during the 1980s for these 20 bands.

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40 Years Ago: Duran Duran Release the Masterful 'Rio'

Duran Duran released 'Rio' in May 1982.

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Hear the isolated guitar for the Van Halen song 'Panama'

Throwing every element of his signature style into one legendary guitar part, Eddie Van Halen lays down one of the best tracks of his career on 'Panama'.

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Teenage Twins Are Blown Away by the Phil Collins Song 'In the Air Tonight' While Listening to It For the First Time

The teenage Williams twins, aka TwinsthenewTrend, of Gary, Indiana amusingly review classic rock songs after hearing them for the first time. One such

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Summer Soundtrack: 20 Great Songs From the Ultimate '80s Movies

As familiar—even iconic—as many 1980s movies have become in audiences’ minds, there are always a handful that get overlooked, or thankfully rediscovered, thanks to re-releases and anniversaries.

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The Violent Shootout That Led to Daryl Hall and John Oates Joining Forces

One of the biggest duos in pop music history, Daryl Hall and John Oates first encountered one another during a dance hall riot in 1967 Philadelphia.

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Huey Lewis & the News Debuts 'Her Love Is Killin' Me' Video on 'Kimmel'

The video features appearances by Michael Keaton, Jimmy Buffett and Brandon Flowers

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The Three Members Of The Smiths Not Named Morrissey Or Marr Teased A New Collaboration

Drummer Mike Joyce took to social media to share an image of his name aligned with bassist Andy Rourke and guitarist Craig Gannon.