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Cornell University Removes Bust of Lincoln After Getting ONE ‘Complaint’

It’s telling that one complaint led to the removal of the Lincoln bust, with seemingly no resistance whatsoever from college administrators.

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How A U.S. President And A Former Slave Became Friends

One was born in a one-room cabin in Kentucky. The other, born into slavery in Maryland. In time, they became two of America's best leaders.

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When Abraham Lincoln Tried His Hand at Being a True Crime Writer | Mental Floss

In another era, Abraham Lincoln could have made for a great 'Dateline NBC' producer. The future president once penned a true crime tale based on a murder case he worked on as a lawyer.

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Abe Lincoln Canceled in San Fran. School Because Being Murdered by a Democrat for Freeing Slaves Doesn't Show He Cared Enough About Black Lives

Yet another round of Cancel the Dead White Guys. If Abraham Lincoln isn't worthy of having his name on schools in America, then who is? We may not want to know the answer to that question.

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Vice Presidential Debate: Kamala Harris' Dishonesty on Abe Lincoln

Harris claimed at the VP debate that Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate a candidate for Chief Justice in October 1864 because "Honest Abe said, it's not the right thing to do" and wanted the people to vote first. Lincoln, of course, said no such thing.

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Trump has more in common with Lincoln than you might think | TheHill

Lincoln governed during the most divided era in our nation’s history — Trump is governing in the most acrimonious period since.

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Wisconsin Students Want To Tear Down Statue Of Abraham Lincoln: ‘A Single-Handed Symbol Of White Supremacy’

Student activists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are calling for a statue of former President Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery, to be removed because, they say, Lincoln is a “symbol of white supremacy.” “Two student organizatio

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David Hogg sincerely apologizes for tweeting that Abraham Lincoln was ‘a really good president’

David Hogg very quickly got his mind straight about Abraham Lincoln.