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Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that when gently touched release limitations, stress and tension from your life &helip;

Advice & Self-Help | Access the Bars

Access Consciousness® in Mental Health? | Access Consciousness Blog

by Susanna Mittermaier Imagine a world where people are empowered to know that they know! There have been so many debates lately about mental health and

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The Not Love Triangle of School, ADHD and Parenting | Access Consciousness Blog

Early in the school year I was called into the school, one call of the many I get.  My son was sitting at a desk in the hallway with the teacher, assistant

Advice & Self-Help | Access the Bars

Client Love — Authentically You

After having my bars run I was so relaxed, had much more clarity and felt totally energized. I went to work the next day and everyone noticed the “new me”. The experience left me with such a positive note that