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The Roe Protests: The Hoodwinking Of The American People

The purposeful manipulation of the American people by the political Left continues in the anticipated Supreme Court Ruling in the matter of Roe v. Wade. Simply put – and it can’t be repeated enough – the Democrats and pro-abortion advocates are bald

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PODCAST | How Disingenuous Can Our Federal Government Be?

From their declarations about Ukraine and punishing Vladimir Putin with sanctions to their declaration that domestic terrorism is actually a threat to our country to their completely disingenuous and opportunistic moves against cryptocurrency, our federal

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DETROIT PUNCHES BACK: Files ‘Civil Conspiracy’ Suit Against Black Lives Matter Activists

In an attempt to discourage the continued assault on their city by ideologically based activist groups, the City of Detroit

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Far-Left Activists Dance On American Flag: ‘F*** The 4th Of July, F*** The American Flag’

Far-left activists trampled on an American flag in Washington, D.C., on the nation’s 244th birthday. A video posted online by Daily Caller video journalist Jorge Ventura showed activists dancing on the flag. One of the activists in the video was hol

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Here’s another young activist we’re not allowed to ‘attack,’ so just nod in agreement, OK?

Greta Thunberg is only 16 and is really passionate about climate change so just do whatever she says.