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Hamas, Al Jazeera silently retract claims of IDF soldiers raping Gazans

Although the Qatari mouthpiece has yet to officially refer to the retraction, all content related to the allegation has been deleted.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Al Jazeera doesn't even pretend not to be antisemitic anymore

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Al Jazeera praises Palestinian murderer, calling stabbing three Jews to death a "hat trick”

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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BEFORE AND AFTER: Al Jazeera journo who accused Israeli police of breaking her hand makes a stunning recovery

"So the Al Jazeera reporter whose arm was broken by Israeli police can lift two children after her release from custody?"

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How Al Jazeera is Avoiding Registering as a Foreign Agent

The international media conglomerate Al Jazeera has long operated as a Qatari publicity agent, producing content that consistently reflects the emirate's pro-Islamist, anti-American outlook. But when the U.S. Justice Department, spurred on by Russian

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Don’t Be Fooled: AJ+ Is Al Jazeera | PragerU

There's a social media site whose glitzy videos populate your newsfeed. Its content overflows with typical leftist tropes. No, it's not CNN or MSNBC. You should know what it is and the nefarious people backing it. Raheem Kassam, author of "No Go Zones,"

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Sky News Arabia suggests AJ+ bowed to Israeli pressure in nixing Holocaust video

It’s extremely troubling that Sky News Arabia – a network which purports to uphold Western journalistic standards – would evoke classic antisemitic tropes by suggesting that the e…

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Al Jazeera’s Disgraceful Holocaust-Denying Video Showcases Qatari Evil For All To See

Over the weekend, Qatari regime propaganda outfit Al Jazeera published and subsequently took down an unfathomably anti-Semitic video that questioned the number of Jews murdered by the Thir

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James Harrison, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers cleared by NFL

The NFL cleared Green Bay Packers linebackers Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who were accused in an Al Jazeera America hidden camera report of performance-enhancing drug use. Peyton Manning, who is reti

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Shilling for Ahmed: Al Jazeera Refused to Show 'Clock' to Viewers

Media analysis of the situation surrounding the Texas Muslim boy who brought a device to school that resembling a bomb reveals that Al Jazeera chose to never show what the 'clock' looked like to their viewers in a report on the matter. The boy, Ahmed Moha

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Al Jazeera publishes video for the Fourth of July criticizing Americans | Daily Mail Online

Al Jazeera's digital channel AJ+ posted a video on July 3rd in which a series of presenters say how US is ranked top in the world in uncomfortable and embarrassing categories.

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Al Jazeera English bans terms 'terrorist', 'Islamist' | Fox News

In the wake of Tuesday's attack on the Corinthia Hotel in Libya, an Al Jazeera English executive reportedly sent an e-mail to employees banning the use of terms including terrorists, extremism, and Islamist. Fox News' Todd Starnes blasted the network for

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Al Jazeera America Staffers Rattled By Layoffs, Catastrophic Ratings

A year after the launch of the cable news network Al Jazeera America, layoffs, rumors of more layoffs, and catastrophic ratings have staffers rattled. Writing for Columbia Journalism Review, Dean Starkman reports on the struggles of the Qatar-based cabl