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Kodak is Hiring Film Technicians: 'We Cannot Keep Up with Demand'

Eastman Kodak is hiring technicians as the company struggles to keep up with consumer demand for color film.

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Why Vinyl Records Are Sticking Around

A Millennial vinyl-enjoyer offers an explanation for the enduring appeal of vinyl records.

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How To Capture Horrible Quality Video on Audio Cassettes

Compared to the audio quality of digital files and CDs, analog cassette tape was kind of awful. And as YouTube’s Kris Slyka discovered, it’s an even worse medium for recording and playing back video, but quality issues don’t make Slyka’s clever hack of an

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Why watch movies on film?

Today, most movies are projected digitally. But there’s more to seeing a film projected the old-fashioned way, from a 35mm or 70mm print, than a nostalgic return to the days when movies flickered on theater screens. To learn more, The A.V. Club paid a v

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Best Buy is pulling CDs from its stores — and people are freaking out

Best Buy will no longer sell CDs in its stores starting on July 1, and some people are not happy about it.

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I’m finding meaning in music again with my old records, CDs & cassettes

Kelly McQuillan’s home is having an analog renaissance – and there should be one in yours, too

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Cassette tapes are back, kind of

Add the surprise return of the cassette tape to the long list of why the last couple of years have been some of the strangest in recent memory. After a number..

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Music fans bought a lot of cassettes last year

Cassette sales rose last year, with music fans seemingly lapping up the old school format.

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Podcast #289: The Revenge of Analog | The Art of Manliness

“Software is eating the world,” or so we’re told. Products that once took up physical space can be contained in our smartphones and held in the palms of our hands. Instead of having a record collection, now we can stream any music any where

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Long Play: Analogue photos that capture the essence of record culture

Photographer Arne Reimer has spent over ten years capturing the essence of vinyl culture on analogue film for new photo book, Long Play.

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The Decline of Analog Photography Seen Through Pictures

The decline of analog photography is an undeniable topic these days. Luckily, Canadian photographer Robert Burley has taken action to capture some of the last remaining spaces that represent yesterday's photography. The Disappearance of Darkness: Pho