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Chubby Raccoon Keeps Coming Back To Swim In Woman's Pool In Canada - The Dodo

When Maddie Altman noticed a wet raccoon near her pool, she assumed he'd slipped in by accident. But she was wrong.

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Tough kitty survives scalding hot spin in a washing machine

Bobby the cat survived a brutal spin in the washing machine and is now happily recovering.

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Diseases Your Pets Can Pass to You Shown in Pictures

You may not be able to catch a cold from Fido, but you can catch some nasty stuff. Learn what illnesses your pets can share and their treatment options.

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Wild Wolf Trapped in Ice Falls Asleep on Rescuer Who Thought It Was a Dog

A wolf was rescued from the ice by a man who thought it was a dog as it slept on his legs on the way to the vet.

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This Puma Rescued From A Contact Zoo Is Too Friendly to Be Released Into the Wild

AnimalsThis Puma Rescued From A Contact Zoo Is Too Friendly to Be Released Into the Wild
Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev share a small one-bedroom apartment in Penza, Russia. Like most couples who are tight on space, they decided to get a house cat over a dog. However, that house cat just so happens to be a 90 lbs. puma.

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Instagram model, 19, bitten by shark while taking photos in Bahamas | Fox News

An Instagram model said she’s fortunate to still have her arm after a nurse shark latched onto it and dragged her under water while the woman was swimming with a school of seemingly harmless sharks in the Bahamas last month.

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Forest ranger almost strangled to death by python while posing for a selfie with it | Fox News

An Indian forest ranger was nearly strangled to death by a 90lbs python when he poses for a selfie with it moments in front of horrified villagers moments after capturing it.

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Strange wolf-like animal killed in Montana puzzles wildlife officials | Fox News

A large wolf-like animal shot and killed in Montana has wildlife officials and social media wondering what it was, ABCFoxMontana reports.

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the 3 Most Critical Things Hurricane Harvey Teaches Us About Pet Care

What are the known facts about Hurricane Harvey?  Harvey dumped 11 trillion gallons of rain on Houston, a city of 2.3 million people.  At least 31 people died and 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.  What don’t we know?  How many…Read m

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Leopard shark falls from sky onto Calif. golf course

2-pound leopard shark apparently plucked from ocean by bird then dropped on golf course; Employees take it safely back to sea