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Euthanasia Rates in Animal Shelters Are Plummeting—Here's Why | Mental Floss

Animal shelters in major American cities have seen a vast increase in adoption rates in the past decade.

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12 Things You Have In Your House That Your Local Animal Shelter Desperately Needs

Millions of dogs and cats across the United States are currently living in animal shelters. If these creatures are lucky, the animal shelter will act as a layover on the way to a forever home. According to the ASPCA, about 29 percent of all cats and dog

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Moving Image Shows 2 Shelter Dogs Who Turned To Each Other For Love And Companionship

All creatures need comfort and companionship, not just humans. A photo of two shelter dogs who, without a real home and people to love them, found friendship in one another, is making its rounds on the Internet this week. The touching image sho...