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Joe Rogan to Israel: ‘You went through the Holocaust and now you’re willing to do it?’

Democratic Majority for Israel called the prominent podcaster’s statement “wholly false and dangerous.”

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Republicans threaten Biden nominees over antisemitic boycott of Israel

The Biden administration decided that US-Israel government-funded cooperation in a variety of areas must take place in pre-1967 Israel.

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The Biden administration’s anti-antisemitism travesty

The IHRA definition has led defenders of the Jewish people down a blind alley.

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Oh Yes, He Did: Iraqi Cleric Blames Israel for the Death of Muslim Leader… in the Year 661

In a world where Palestinians accuse Israel of training cows as spies, al-Khazali doesn’t look quite as crazy as he does to those who are outside of his milieu.

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The antisemitism that drives identity politics

For many in the West, Jew-hatred is invisible and grossly misunderstood.

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‘Holocaust distortion is rising worldwide’

Yad Vashem chairman Dani Dayan sits down with JNS for an interview ahead of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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NY Times Downplays Dee Family Murders, Continuing a Pattern

The names Maia, Rina, and Lucy Dee are nowhere to be found in the New York Times. And that's just the start of the

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Lawmakers Mum As Ticketmaster Sells Tickets For Farrakhan Hate Rally In Which He Defended Hitler And Claimed “Jews Have ‘Stranglehold On This Government’”

The ticketing giant hated by Taylor Swift fans and everyone else who has ever tried to buy concert tickets is now under fire from Jewish activists for selling tickets to a Louis Farrakhan event in which the minister defended Adolf Hitler and predicted ano

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The Ilhan Omar vote is a turning point for American Jews

Partisan split on booting the congresswoman from committees is more than a symptom of political civil war. It illustrates the normalization of anti-Zionism.