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Here Are The 911 Transcripts of Some of the Times Apple Employees Walked Directly Into Glass Walls

Last month, reports emerged that Apple’s new “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, California—which hosts roughly 13,000 employees behind around 3,000 giant panes of glass—had resulted in the company’s employees repeatedly injuring themselves by wa

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The Most Important Apple Executive You’ve Never Heard Of

A little over a year ago, Apple had a problem: The iPad Pro was behind schedule. Elements of the hardware, software, and accompanying stylus weren’t going to be ready for a release in the spring. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and his top lieutenants had to delay the unveiling until the fall.

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Apple to Invest $2 Billion to Create ‘Command Center’ | Re/code

Apple will invest $2 billion to convert a failed sapphire glass manufacturing plant in Arizona into a data center that will also serve as a global “command center,” in an investment that it described as one of the company’s largest.

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At Apple University, studying Picasso helps with product design | The Verge

The New York Times has published a rare look inside Apple's secretive training program known as "Apple University." New recruits are encouraged to sign up for courses in the program, which was...