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BOOM! Brit Hume shares tweet SCHOOLING gun-grabbers on how many DEMOCRATS have actually blocked assault weapons bans

Might want to look at the Democrats if you're fussy about assault weapons bans being blocked. Just sayin'.

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Biden, Dems Again Shop Gun Control Instead of Addressing Mental Illness; Ignore GOP Proposed Bills

With a second mass-shooting in less than two weeks, President Biden and congressional Democrats have taken to the microphones urging the...

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Feinstein Resurrects 'Assault Weapons' Ban; Cites 205 Rifles & Magazines

Embattled Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who earned the ire of the Progressives and far-Leftists in the Democrat Party when she embraced...

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HAMMER: Here Are Three Core Reasons To Oppose A Ban On ‘Assault Weapons’

With Democrats lining up to seek the presidency quicker than socialists lining up for rationed pieces of bread, the gun issue will once again soon find itself percolating through the p

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WATCH: When #MarchForOurLives Protesters Are Asked What An ‘Assault Weapon’ Actually Is, They Have No Idea

During Saturday’s #MarchForOurLives in Washington D.C., Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips spoke with a number of protesters and asked them two simple questions.