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Astronomers announce major discovery about gravitational waves - The Washington Post

The claim of a gravitational wave background suggests the universe is constantly roiled by violent events that happened over the past 13 billion years.

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot is deeper than we thought, NASA Juno spacecraft finds : NPR

NASA's Juno spacecraft sweeps over Jupiter's Great Red Spot and makes a 3D map of the giant storm. The findings could shed light on gas giant exoplanets in distant solar systems.

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What is Mercury in Retrograde, and Why Do We Blame Things On It?

Yes, Mercury will appear to move backwards. No, that doesn’t mean your electronics or your relationships will fail.

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Watch Live: Longest 'Blood Moon' Eclipse of the Century

The record-setting lunar eclipse paired with an extra-close Mars will soon have sky-watchers seeing red.

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From meteor showers to a supermoon: 5 astronomy events you won't want to miss this fall

The longer autumn nights will feature many notable celestial events that stargazers can mark down on their calendars.

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Astrology Essentials: Understanding Charts (eBook)

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Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon

The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the 2004 temblor in the Indian Ocean may have been precipitated by tidal stress from the moon.

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Cosmic Secrets: A Key to Self Discover (Beyond Human Design)

Consciousness is a state of being that we often take for granted. But true consciousness—and all the multidimensionality that comes with it—is the key to unlocking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our own personalities.

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Astrology Essentials: Understanding Charts (Beyond Human Design)

Activate the knowledge deep inside of you and learn how to chart your future with Astrology Essentials, a user-friendly guide from author Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD.

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Mercury Retrograde August 30th – Sept 21st| Know What To Expect & Be Prepared! What Is M.R?

Mercury Retrograde is a phase that happens 3-4 times a year. This is an astrological position that all signs need to know. Most importantly, Gemini and Virgo are influenced by this transit the most…

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The Evolutionary Path of Virgo

The story of Virgo is that of harvesting time. The constellation is of a barrel where crop is reaped. This is the juxtaposition of the Zodiac (the place in which you are now in-between transitionin…

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It Looks Like Pluto Has a Liquid Water Ocean

For a frigid little space rock at the ass-end of the solar system, Pluto is full surprises. Ice volcanoes, hazy skies, vast plains of churning nitrogen, what’s next? Just maybe, a subsurface ocean.

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Pluto Generation Planet in Capricorn | March 2023 | Uranus Aries Aspect

Pluto has been traveling through the sign of Capricorn since January 25th 2008. The change of signs created a formal emergence of the economical crisis we saw manifest in 2008. Most importantly, pl…

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The Rising Sun & Horoscope History of Astrology | Continuation Pt 2

Reading your Horoscope is great if you want to be lied to; instead read your rising sign. Most people don’t even know what a rising sign (ascendant) is. I hear this all the time… Well I…

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The Importance of The Rising Sun | Astrology History Pt 1

The song, “House of the rising sun” wasn’t deemed important for no reason. Literally the house of the rising sign will give you the most accurate reading you will ever get in your…

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Venus & Mercury Enter Regal Sign Leo

Leo it's your time to shine as Venus planet of love and Mercury planet of communication takes its place conjoining your Sun sign in the month of July. With Mercury and Venus traveling at your…

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Powering Underground Forces of Destruction | Mars in Scorpio

From the relentless backlog of Mars retrograde which ended on June 29 at 23 degrees Scorpio, we see an uncontrollable and destructive force associate with the presence of Mars direct in Scorpio. Wh…

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Evolutionary Path of The Sign Taurus

Taurus Taurus is an earthy sign that is wrapped in tangible objects here on the physical plane. It is the house of possessions and love due to its ruling planet Venus. This placement is here to lea…

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Evolutionary Path of The Sign Aries

Aries Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is in its primary when learning to develop. Any planet you find here is learning to develop into the 11 Zodiac signs. For this reason, it is importan…

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The Areas Of Life: Astrological Houses In Your Life

The astrological houses are the very basis of astrology with 12 areas of life. Astrology is connected to historical figures such as Nostradamus, Hitler and Queen Elizabeth II. This primary post wil…

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Planet IX? Astronomers Find Solid Evidence Of New Planet Beyond Pluto

This week astronomers at Cal Tech announced that our solar system may in fact have nine planets (planet IX) after all, and no, it’s not about Pluto.

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Aries and Pisces Love Compatibility

Find Aries and Pisces Compatibility Horoscope on Astrolika.com. Know about zodiac Aries and Pisces love compatibility and relationship.

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Latest New Horizons picture of Charon: oddly familiar

The New Horizons team released one more picture from Tuesday's encounter, one of three high-resolution images from a mosaic that crossed the center of Charon's disk, and it took me a while to figure out what it reminded me of.

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You Won’t Read This in Your History Books!

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Noble Sciences - Axes of Awareness

Understanding how instinctive awareness operates in daily life and consciousness is important in discerning what is important. Read this description of how instinct and awareness inform your process.

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