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Do Remastered Records Actually Sound Better? • Gear Patrol

What is remastering? Do remastered records actually sound better? We asked a master engineer and music journalist to get to the bottom of it.

Music | Vinyl Records!

10 weird and wonderful hi-fi adverts from the 1970s | What Hi-Fi?

Featuring AKG, Bose and Mission, this is a selection of the more surreal and surprising advertisements featured in What Hi-Fi? magazine in the 1970s

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Reel-to-Reel Tape Matures as a Viable Format at RMAF 2016 | Analog Planet

This short video makes the point that reel-to-reel tape has finally become a viable playback format if you have the cash to play. The refurbished machines are costly and the tapes @15 IPS are pricey at more than $400 each. But now that the majors are open