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Infant Cognitive Milestones by Month

Want to support baby’s brain development, but not sure how? Follow these fun tips from The Bump.

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The 5 Stages of Sleep Loss When You Have a Baby | Pregnant Chicken

I’ve discovered that the five stages of grief & the five stages of sleep loss have uncanny similarities. From denial to acceptance, we cover them all.

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Colic in Babies - How to Treat and Cope With Colic | familydoctor.org

Colic in babies is crying that lasts for more than 3 hours a day at least 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks. Learn how to treat and cope with colic.

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Introducing Solids: When to Start Baby Food

Use this baby food starter guide to know when baby may be ready for solids and how to introduce those foods into baby's diet safely.

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How to Make Bringing Baby Home Less Stressful

Plan ahead to make the transition home from the hospital go smoothly with these smart tips for new parents from the experts at The Bump.

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'Internet friends' showed up in real life for single mom with sick baby

Jaiden Cowley, whose daughter was born with a congenital heart defect, was overwhelmed by the "sheer generosity" of strangers.

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Why Newborns Won't Sleep Through the Night - Pregnant Chicken

There are some really important reasons why newborns won't sleep through the night. Learn why babies wake up so much and why it's actually a good thing

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10 Things You Have to Do Before You Go Into Labor

Labor will be here before you know it. Find out the 10 things you have to do before you deliver baby from installing the car seat to finding a pediatrician.

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Choosing a Safe and All-Natural Teether for Your Baby

The low-down on plastic, rubber, silicone, wood and fabric teethers. Who knew choosing an all-natural teether could be so complicated?

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When to Move Baby to His Own Room

Baby should start off sleeping in your bedroom, but you’ll need to reclaim your space at some point. Learn when to move baby to his own room, plus tips for transitioning baby to the crib.

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6 Things First-Time Mamas Should Do Before Baby Arrives

Once baby arrives, you'll have to adjust to a totally new way of life. Take it from this mom—you'll want to enjoy these six little luxuries before the baby comes.

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Pit bull tries to save baby, family from Stockton CA fire | The Sacramento Bee

Nana Chai, 30, says her pit bull Sasha saved her and her 7-month-old baby's life when a fire broke out in her fourplex. The dog tried to carry the baby away from the flames by her diaper, alerting Nana to the smoke creeping under one of her doors.

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21 Baby Shower Pictures That Will Make You Want To Have More Kids

The baby shower is an adorable event to celebrate to new mother to be and her child. You can see from these adorable baby shower pictures that while it's fu

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CheekyTummy - For moms, by moms. The best for you and your bundle of joy.

For moms, by moms. The best for you and your bundle of joy.

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Can Attachment Theory Explain Our Relationships?

The most important parenting you’ll ever do happens before your child turns one — and may affect her for the rest of her life. One mother’s journey through the science of attachment.

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

Phew! It's Normal. An Age by Age Guide for What to Expect From Kids & Teens - And What They Need From Us

Being a kid or a teen is not for lightweights - it's tough out there! There are important things that need to be done, that only they can do. The nature of these jobs depends on the developmental stage they are at.