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Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Being hard on yourself is not only ineffective, but it is also a hard pattern to break. How can you take a more balanced, emotionally equanimous approach to your performance?

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How to Reset Your Balance After an Unexpected Change

Have you ever started your day with good intentions, and then something happens that sets you off? Try reciting this prayer to reset your energy.

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Apple employees knew that if Steve Jobs turned off his iPhone, it meant one thing – BGR

Most of us, when we think of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, probably fixate on the stereotype of him as a detail-obsessed quasi-workaholic, whose near-mania when it came to the seemingly tiniest details brought about world-changing products like the iP

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3 Ways to Ease the Daily Transition From Work to Family Life

How to transition from work to family time when you're tired, stressed, and distracted.

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Experiences, Not Things, Get Better With Time

Our memories pay dividends that our possessions do not, increasing with value over time, while the things we buy just get old.

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A Wise Man Balances – Total Activity Equals Total Rest

Give it everything you've got! Balance come from being active so totally that passivity follows automatically.

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A Visual Guide to Balance Disorders

Find out how vertigo, Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, and other problems can make it hard for you to keep your balance.

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The Jin Shin Jyutsu finger mudras - BalanceFlow

The Jin Shin Jyutsu practice of holding the fingers is not only quite powerful, but holds a special place in the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu. As I’ve described before (What Is Jin Shin Jyutsu?), Master Jiro Murai was a Japanese healer and philosopher who

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Daydreaming is NOT Just A Waste Of Time, Studies Finds

People tend to think of daydreaming and letting the mind wander as a waste of time.

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Why ' Work-Life Balance' Talk Might Make Us More Stressed Out

Do you snicker when you hear the term “work-life balance?” As if. That elusive Zen zone can provoke anxiety, especially to those of us whose perfectionism tells us if we try harder, we’ll find it.

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Ask Well: The Best Exercises to Improve Balance

Tai chi, dancing, even brushing your teeth on one leg can work your balance pretty well.

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Balance & The Polarities: Being Present

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4 Essential Types of Balance in Design (And Why You Need Them) - The Shutterstock Blog

Your design needs to visually

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Is it possible that there is something that we don't fully understand about…

Is it possible that there is something that we don't fully understand about love, the understanding of which would change everything? Yes, there… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? The perfect time? There is no such thing as a perfect time in the future, it is always right now. Are you waiting to have the… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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Live a Life That Reflects Your True Self & Not Another's Expectations

Bronnie Ware worked as a home care nurse, helping those who had gone home to die in their final stages of life. During this time, she noticed that people… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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What is the Difference Between Transformation and Change

What is the difference between change and transformation? Well when you hit a challenge now with a person you change it by finding a way to either remove… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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Why Judgements Hurt You More Than The Other Person

Any judgment you hold against another person will block in your life. For example, lets say your Mom or Dad had a high value of attention but got it in an… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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Remove Expectations from Relationships to Let it Be an Experience

I had a fun conversation recently with someone who asked me if I agreed with the movie Hitch on it's relationship advice. That when you are courting a… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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Working Through The Loss of Loved Ones

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is never an easy experience. They bring so much light into our lives and we miss their vibrant energies when they… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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Finding the Right Balance

The exercise we need is the one that’s best for the brain.