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PODCAST | Placing Restrictions On The Free Speech-Killing RESTRICT Act

Listen now | Freedom of Speech. It's enshrined in the First Amendment and we believe that we have it but throughout history, the freedom of speech has been something that is vacillated to a lesser extent and a more potent extent.

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PODCAST | Trumping The Soros Bright Shiny Thing

Listen now | This George Soros-funded attack on an ex-president – and you didn't see him looking into the past actions of Barack Obama; you didn't see his surrogates looking into Bill Clinton, ironically for the same thing that they're tr

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This Is How Disingenuous Politicians Steal Power

By now you have come to understand just how overtly the Communist Chinese have deployed their data and intelligence-gathering apparatus into the United States. In addition to their traditional methods of espionage – that target our intellectual property

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PODCAST | What’s Good For The Trump Goose Is Good For The Clinton Gander

Listen now | I don't care whether you like Donald Trump, voted for him, didn't vote for him, have problems with him, or hate his guts (like Rob Reiner), but we can't turn into the Banana Republic that the radical Left wants us to become...

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It is astounding why a rising star amongst the political Right at the national level - a woman with name recognition, a legacy, and a solid base - would attach her entire political career to attempting to settle some kind of score against Donald Trump. Bu

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Okay, Maybe a Plantain Republic

It was very public; vert overt. Pro-administration agents swooped in, searched, and detained prominent members of the opposition – politicians and society leaders – on questionable charges of “subversion” in the hope of eliminating competition in