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Bibi's Back: A Conversation With Israel's New Prime Minister

'How many leaders have come back from political death, not once, but twice? I've come back. The question is: what am I coming back for?'

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Two Bombings in One Night? That’s Normal Now in Sweden.

My country just voted in a right-wing government. The almost 500 bombings since 2018 may have something to do with it.

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The New Founders America Needs

What I told the first students at The University of Austin.

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I Criticized BLM. Then I Was Fired.

The data about police shootings just didn't add up, but no one at Thomson Reuters wanted to hear it.

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How Big Tech Is Strangling Your Freedom

A conversation with entrepreneur and investor David Sacks on protecting civil liberties in the digital public square.

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What the Truckers Want

I’ve spoken to 100 of the protestors gathered in the Canadian capital. What's happening is far bigger than the vaccine mandates.

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Last Year, I Was a Bryn Mawr Girl. Now I’m at Hillsdale.

Growing up in a conservative town, I always dreamed of attending college with liberals like me. The pandemic changed everything.

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The Rise of the Republican Class Warrior

How the GOP ditched trickle-down economics and embraced populism.

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America's Lost Boys and Me

I suspect I’m the only student at Cambridge University who lived out of garbage bags as a child. Here’s why I didn’t live the life I was meant to.

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My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.

The more I spoke out against the illiberalism that has swallowed Portland State University, the more retaliation I faced.

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Children are afraid to challenge the repressive ideology that rules our school. That’s why I am.

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Do Not Look Away From Evil

The first step to stopping Anti-Asian hate is to see it clearly.

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The Miseducation of America’s Elites | City Journal

Affluent parents, terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy in their children’s private schools, organize in secret.

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Bari Weiss: Jews shut out by new totalitarian 'liberalism'

Bari Weiss: Jews shut out by new totalitarian ‘liberalism’ ByPaul Shindman, World Israel News Thanks again to Israel Behind the News American Jewish journalist Barri Weiss warned Thursday in Tablet Magazine that radical new ideologies that are taking