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Congo Bars | 12 Tomatoes

Think blondie meets chocolate chip cookie - soft, chewy, and rich.

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Pecan Pie Bars

Chocolate Chip-Pecan Pie Bars - All the great taste of pecan pie in easy-to-make (and eat) bars!

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Pining for the Sounds of Your Favorite Watering Hole? The ‘I Miss My Bar’ Site Can Help

Cozy, crowded watering holes still aren’t safe to visit in person, but you can now mimic the din at home.

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US speakeasies back in vogue -- in echo of Prohibition era

A century after the United States clamped down on alcohol and ushered in the Prohibition era, speakeasies are once again popping up behind hidden doors and luring in revelers seeking fancy cocktails with an illicit 1920s vibe. Just a few blocks from the

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Chocolate Chip & English Toffee Cookie Bars | Cozy Country Living

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  The weather here wasn’t very nice and it was pretty chilly. We had heavy rain, thunderstorms and even some hail!  We are building an addition onto our house and before the rain came on Satu

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Butterscotch Meringue Bars | America's Test Kitchen

When it comes to meringue, we all know meringue cookies, but the cloud-like confection can—and should—be used for more than just those sweet, pearly-white bites.

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20 best new pubs in Britain: from restored Victorian drinking holes to family-run micro-pubs - inews.co.uk

Looking for somewhere different to go for a pint this year? These brand new pub and bar launches are bound to give you some food for thought.

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Almond Joy Bars (With or Without the Almonds)

This recipe is so good! Use light or dark chocolate. Use a 13x9 inch pan for a thicker recipe. Use half the recipe for a smaller group. It is simply easy. (Call it Almond Joy or Mounds, either way it is good).

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The 33 Best Dive Bars in America

Raise a tallboy to greatness.

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Easy Southern Pecan Pie Bars with Shortbread Crust - The Country Cook

Homemade Southern Pecan Pie Bars with a Shortbread Crust are not only super easy to make but they taste amazing and are so simple to cut into squares and serve.

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Praline Cookie Bars

Anything with "Praline" in it has to be good, right? These are melt in your mouth, decadent cookie bars that is sure to be a hit anytime.

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Melt in Your Mouth Lemon Bars

STOP!!! Don't pass this recipe by. Lemon lover or not, these bars are SO melt in your mouth you'll want to eat the whole pan. I have had this recipe for years. Everyone loves them and I hope you will too! 3 sticks of butter in these bars. What else is the

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There's a secret bar behind a deli freezer now open in Brooklyn

The best kind of bar is a secret bar. And we just unearthed a new one in Williamsburg: La Milagrosa Agave Bar and Listening Room.   New York already has

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These pecan pie cookie bars might be everything you want right now

Imagine a couple of your sweetest desires all rolled into one: pecan pie and buttery brown sugar shortbread, joined together as a cookie bar. Rich pecan pie filling, flavored with notes of maple and a touch of bourbon, is baked on top of a crumbly shor

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Maple Shortbread Bars Recipe

This recipe is by Regina Schrambling and takes 55 minutes. Tell us what you think of it at The New York Times - Dining - Food.

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Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan Pie has just been made better AND easier to make with these Pecan Pie Bars, thanks to the shortbread cookie base. That means NO pie crust to make!

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10 Ways to Drink In New York City History | Mental Floss

Many of the city’s venerable watering holes are veritable museums, with the bonus of booze.

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37 Amazing Chalkboard Signs Outside Restaurants That Are Hilarious AF

Chalkboard signs. The only little creative space (yes I'm being sarcastic) that restaurant owners use to lure hungry customers into their humble shacks. Bu

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9 Dirty Tricks Bartenders Use to Take More of Your Money

Yes, your Belvedere is very often Smirnoff...

We’d like to start by saying, we love bartenders. Seriously. The VAST majority of them are hard-working, honest people who only "steal" when they’re giving you, their longtime regular, a shot on the house. But like any profession, there are some bad seeds.

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The 21 Most Secret Bars in America

Ever since nightlife pros discovered people would pay $15 for a drink so long as they passed through a bookcase or backdoor first, the term "speakeasy" has become utterly meaningless. You don't even need to bother with the elaborate entrances anymore! Just turn down the lights, put a gin cocktail on the menu, and suddenly, you're a secret Prohibition bar.

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Hollywood's Longest-Standing Bartender Has 86'd More Celebrities Than You

We spoke to the longest-standing bartender in Hollywood about his ethos on slinging dry martinis, 86ing movie stars, And DD’ing For Charles Bukowski.

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The world's best airport bars - Telegraph

Flight delays are less of a problem in these airports, which have the best bars in the business, including beer gardens and swimming pools!

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Top 10 Non-Sports Bars & Restaurants to Watch Sports in Los Angeles | Discover Los Angeles

Bars and restaurants that weren't necessarily designed for watching sports can still be great places to catch a game. Discover 10 places to enjoy a game in the Los Angeles area.

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First Look: The Line Hotel's Break Room 86 has Pac Man, fruity drinks, karaoke

Mark and Jonnie Houston, the brothers behind Houston Hospitality, have created a '70s basement lounge, a rum and cigar lounge, a Victorian mansion turned '20s glam party house, and now, with Break Room 86, their newest venue, an '80s-themed bar with

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Eight modern speak-easy bars in L.A., for that insider feeling

These days, you have to #dobetter if you want to fill a bar — you can't just serve a dirty martini. Or, rather, you can serve the same dirty martini to both the 60-year-old crowd and to your average 23-year-old, but you need to serve it in a dimly lighted space, ideally with a secret entrance.

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20 LA bars that are open on Christmas Day!!!

Crap, it's Christmas Day and you're already out of brandy and eggnog, what to do, what to do... oh, right, drink brandy and…

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32 things every woman should do in a bar at least once

You spend a lot of time drinking in bars, but that doesn't mean you're a woman without goals.

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Best New Bars In America - Tiki Tolteca, NoMad Bar, Parliament

Sit back and relax with something spirituous and strong, and drink in our favorite new bars of 2014.

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The 9 Best Fireplace Bars In Chicago, 2014 Edition

Here are nine fireplaces to cozy up to with a drink or a significant other as the weather turns cold.

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Do I have what it takes to buy and run my own bar?

Not long into our conversation, Kirk Struble has me feeling disillusioned. That is probably for the best. For many years I have often fantasized about opening a bar. Sometimes the dream has shape-shifted into a Jewish deli or a music club, but more often

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The 21 best dive bars in America

Every place on here is totally okay with you wearing THOSE pants. It's fine.

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Chinatown guide: The best of the neighborhood

Find the best restaurants, bars, karaoke, shops and things to do with our guide to Chicago's Chinatown.

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Behind the Bartender: Michael Gotovac of Dan Tana’s - Los Angeles Magazine

Vintage Los Angeles’s Alison Martino sits down with the beloved barman to reflect on the landmark restaurant’s 50th Anniversary

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Chicago: America's Best Drinking City 2014

The Second City has hit its boozy stride. These days you can hardly walk a block without passing a packed new bar. It's a full-on drinkable renaissance for everyone  from beer drinkers, to gin lovers, to rare-bourbon aficionados. So book

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The Ultimate Chicago Cocktail Crawl

Chicago-based bartender Charles Joly's recommendations for the best cocktail bars to visit in his city.

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Chicago 4 a.m. Bar Guide: Full List, Map of Chicago's Late-Night Spots

Here's a list of dozens of bars across the city that serve up drinks after the last call at most others.

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Chicago: Tiki City?

Hala Kahiki in River Grove has been open since 1963 and is a mecca for devotees of tiki culture.

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Best Bars in Santa Monica - Nightlife - Los Angeles, CA

With two new cocktail meccas opening up within a couple months of each other, it seems like Santa Monica's all of a sudden become…

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Best Chicago Bars For Dogs

Five bars that don't just allow dogs -- they encourage them.

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The 15 most hipster bars in Chicago, ranked

For when you wanna go where everybody knows... the names of bands nobody knows.

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The World's Best Rooftop Bars

Because whether you're in Bangkok or Barcelona, there's nothing like a high-rise mojito.

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The 10 Most Storied Bars in America!

Every bar has stories, but by virtue of age, ownership, or just plain oddness, some have way more than others. We rounded up 10 that really fit that bill, thanks to playing host to everything from Teddy Roosevelt’s recruitment of the Rough Riders, to George Steinbrenner’s recruitment of Billy Martin, to the recruitment of… an assassin?

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Would You Pay $1,000 Once to Get Free Beer for Life?

A brewpub and a coffee shop in Minnesota's Twin Cities have used this one-time payment method to save their businesses. And there's no reason to think the model can't spread.