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U.S. Navy Battleship Guns Were Going to Attack Japan Up Close to End WWII

Summary: In 1945, as World War II neared its end and with Japan's naval capabilities largely neutralized, the U.S. Navy found an unexpected use for its battleships: bombarding Japanese industrial and urban centers to inflict strategic damage.

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Battleships Have Much To Teach Us

Justly or not, carriers, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines don’t seem to make the cultural grade compared to battleships.

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USS Washington Scored the Only WW II One-on-One Battleship Kill

The U.S. Navy battleship USS Washington made history by delivering the first, and only, one-on-one battleship kill of World War II.

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History’s Last Battleship vs. Battleship Battle Was Truly Epic

Surigao Strait would prove to be a bit of sweet revenge for the USN battleship community, as five of Oldendorf’s six battleships employed in the engagement had been sunk or damaged during the Pearl Harbor raid and subsequently raised or rebuilt.

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Forget Battleships: Why Didn't the US Navy Build a Fleet of Battlecruisers? - 19FortyFive

Of the seven battlecruisers to enter World War II, only one (HMS Renown) survived the conflict.

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US battleships fired their guns for the last time 30 years ago. Here's how they dominated the seas for nearly a century.

Aircraft carriers are now the centerpiece of the Navy fleet, but for nearly a century, battleships sailed into combat around the world.