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How to Create a Brand From Scratch

A brand is an established identity for a business or organization, used to distinguish that company from other competitors. But more than that, your brand is the vehicle that carries your company’s reputation, and often the core of your marketing and adve

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9 Strategies For a Successful and Fulfilling Home Business | Inc.

Too many of you business owners think success only means being the next Amazon, or you stress yourself out trying to be everything to every customer.

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4 Things to Check to See If Your Business Is Ready to Reopen | Inc.

As non-essential businesses prepare to resume operations, recognizing the signs that your business is--or isn't--ready to reopen is a crucial next step.

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How to Manage Salaries During Covid-19 | Inc.

Five strategies to make the best decisions about cutting salaries, furloughs, and layoffs, that are in the best interest of your employees and your business.

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Thinking About Selling on Amazon? Weigh These Pros and Cons First | Inc.

You can potentially reach millions of customers by selling on Amazon, but is it worth it?

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Effective ways to ensure your remote team feels like part of HQ

Early-stage startups have a massive problem: there are way, way too many things to do, and never enough people to do them. Whether it’s growth marketing, or product design, or software engineering or a myriad list of other tasks, something somewhere isn

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The 5 Times a CEO Should Always Send a Personal Email to Clients

Here's when you should be the one to disseminate information to clients and customers.

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These 3 Simple Rules Will Save Your Team From Spending Too Much Time in Meetings | Inc.com

We need meetings, but if there are too many, productivity and morale suffer. These rules prevent those problems.

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Seven Lessons For Early-Stage Startup CTOs

While CTOs at early-stage startups are seen as the technology visionaries, the reality is, their roles and decisions truly revolve around making the business successful. The key is understanding that technology is a tool and not the destination.