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Black Lives Matter Curriculum Is Bludgeoning Black History Month

Parents are noticing that Black Lives Matter curriculum is making its way into the classroom under the guise of Black History Month.

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NASA honors Charles McGee, 100, one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen for Black History Month

Brigadier General Charles McGee, one the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen who successfully completed 409 combat missions over three decades of service, was honored by NASA for his accomplishments on Wednesday as part of its Black History Month

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15 Rad, Influential, and Super-Fast Cyclists You Need to Follow Today

For Black History Month, we celebrate riders and racers who are making the sport better for everyone.

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13 Incredible Facts About Frederick Douglass | Mental Floss

The list of Frederick Douglass's accomplishments is astonishing—respected orator, famous writer, abolitionist, civil rights leader, presidential consultant—even without considering that he was a former slave with no formal education.

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'Roots' remake gets intense first trailer | EW.com

The all-star remake of the iconic miniseries Roots has an intense first trailer.