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Blade Runner 2049: Inside the Dark Future of a Sequel 35 Years in the Making | WIRED

What a sequel 35 years in the making can tell us about the state of sci-fi and America's appetite for dystopia.

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Do not be afraid of Blade Runner 2049’s 3-hour runtime

Blade Runner 2049 is a very good film. It is also, we should remember, nearly three hours long. Those 164 minutes are a visually stunning exploration of a finely realized, deeply melancholy future America, sure, but they’re also 74 minutes longer than t

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BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

There are still pages left in this story. Watch the NEW trailer for #BladeRunner2049, in theaters October 6. -- Thirty years after the events of the first fi...

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BLADE RUNNER 2049 Trailer Puts Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in a Mysterious Haze

Watching the first Blade Runner 2049 teaser in the immediate wake of the release of the latest Star Wars movie, I'm inclined to consider the two science fiction properties side by side. While Blade Runner may not have the same kind of sweeping a