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Target Embraces Transgenderism, Hires 'Gay Cruella' for Marketing Job

Target reportedly hired a Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist and Pride Lead, despite declining sales over its Pride-themed products.

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Target Promotes ‘GayCruella’ To ‘LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist’ Amid Abysmal Sales From Pride Backlash

Target has appeared to double down on its acceptance of radical gender theory despite a second straight negative sales report following backlash to its Pride-themed products earlier this year.

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Target Donated Funds To Group Calling To Close Mount Rushmore: Report

Target donated funds to a group that has called for closing down Mount Rushmore because it is “an international symbol of white supremacy,” according to a new report

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Target Holds Emergency Meeting to Avoid 'Bud Light Situation' Over Kids' LGBT Pride Merch

Conservatives have seen the impacts of a sustained boycott on Bud Light, and will use wokenomics against Target too.