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Hollywood failed Bruce Willis

Many filmmakers now say they were “concerned” for years about his health.

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8 Surprising Facts About Bruce Willis

According to John Goodman, 'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis was once one of New York City's hottest bartenders.

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Bruce Willis' aphasia was suspected by coworkers for years. - Los Angeles Times

In interviews with The Times this month, nearly two dozen people who were on set with the actor expressed concern about Willis' well-being.

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Bruce Willis 'stepping away' from acting because of health condition - CNN

Bruce Willis is suffering from a medical condition that is affecting his cognitive abilities and will be taking a break from acting, his family shared Wednesday.

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Bruce Willis Reportedly In Talks For New Die Hard Movie

Bruce Willis appears to have long since given up on any ideas of reclaiming his place at the top of the Hollywood A-list, with the veteran actor now more than happy to continue slumming it in the realm of the VOD action movie. I

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This Bruce Willis Movie Just Hit #2 on Netflix - PureWow

Bruce Willis’s action-packed film, ‘Marauders,’ is currently the second most popular movie on Netflix.

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7 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Die Hard

I begrudgingly have to admit that, while it is widely considered the finest film in the action genre, Die Hard is not perfect. The 1988 box office smash, which had explosive results for Bruce Willis’ career...

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‘Death Wish’ Remake: Eli Roth Set To Direct Bruce Willis | Deadline

Eli Roth is set to direct Death Wish, the remake of the 1974 hit with Bruce Willis as the reluctant vigilante played by Charles Bronson.