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Updated: CBC News Headline Turns Palestinian Terrorist Into Victim - Honest Reporting

Update: April 8, 2022 (3:15pm ET) Subsequent to complaints sent to the CBC by HonestReporting Canada and our subscribers, we

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‘What. On. Earth.’ Congressional Black Caucus members just attacked our democracy to protect Ilhan Omar – twitchy.

After basically rendering House Dems’ resolution condemning anti-Semitism even more useless than it already was, the Congressional Black Caucus is now physically protecting Rep. Ilhan Omar from ever being accountable for her bigotry:

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Jewish GOP group calls for resignation of 7 Democrats over 'ties' to Farrakhan

Keith Ellison and Maxine Waters among the lawmakers singled out by the RJC.

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The Dems’ Farrakhan Problem - WSJ

If Republican lawmakers held strategy sessions with David Duke, the party would be held to account.