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New meta-analysis should end discussion of mask mandates in schools

We cannot impose on people’s freedom and bodily autonomy to mandate an intervention that shows no efficacy at a population level

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Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks Increases COVID Infection

While people across the globe have been coerced to wear germ-ridden fabrics across their faces to enter indoor venues or travel throughout the pandemic in the name of “safety,” new research confirms wearing face coverings increases the likelih

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Masking children: What does the science say?

As COVID-19 cases rise and the school year nears, the debate about masking children has escalated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and prominent doctors groups have called for children to wear masks in schools, but these recommendations fro

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New COVID Mask Hysteria Based on Rejected Study from India

A study used by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as the basis for its newest guidance reversal regarding the earring of...

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White House Attempts to Bribe People with Taxpayer Dollars to Get Vaccinated

The spending never stops. President Biden has called on state and local governments to dip into the $350 billion common account for state...