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The fight to make Netflix and Hulu pay cable fees - The Verge

A proposed class action suit in Georgia asks courts to declare Netflix, Hulu, and other companies "video service" providers that should pay cable TV-style franchising fees.

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Cut your monthly budget: Replace Hulu, Netflix and more with free subscriptions

These are the best free services to cut your budget and replace pricey subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, Peloton and more.

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R.I.P. Cable TV: Why Hollywood Is Slowly Killing Its Biggest Moneymaker - Variety

As subscribers and viewers flee, media companies that once relied on cable TV are chasing streaming dollars instead.

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Local Cable Deals

Is AT&T bundle a good deal?

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The Ultimate Cord-Cutter Solution: You Might Never Leave Your Home Again

Analyst Mark N. Vena details his ultimate cord-cutter home entertainment configuration.

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Why the Film You're Watching on HBO Might Not Be the Whole Movie | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Would You Pay More Money to Watch AMC Shows Live Without Commercials? AMC Is Hoping So

AMC is hoping you’ll pay more to watch your favorite shows live without commercials as part of AMC Premiere.

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As fed-up customers unplug, cable companies say they’re listening to you now. Really

Cable companies such as Time Warner and Comcast are spending millions to improve customer service and shorten the infuriating wait for the cable guy.

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Now even your streaming TV and music will come in bundles like cable TV

The bundle, maligned for its association with bloated cable packages, is slated for a big comeback.

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'Westworld': Get a First Look at HBO's Western-Tinged Sci-Fi Drama

HBO has released its first teaser trailer for the upcoming drama 'Westworld,' and it’s a crazy ride.

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Apple's deal for HBO Now reminds us why cord cutting remains a misguided fantasy | VentureBeat | Media | by Chris O'Brie

Over a VERY long time, the cable bundle model will get disrupted. But over the next decade, even as streaming options continue to explode, these services will only nibble away at the edges.

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Dish’s SlingTV Adds AMC Network “Walking Dead,” “Mad Men” | Re/code

Dish’s Sling TV, the low-cost cable-TV-on-the-Web experiment, just got a little more interesting: The service is adding the AMC network, the channel that delivers cable hits like “Mad Men” and the “Walking Dead.”

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A Guy Recorded His Phone Call When He Tried To Cancel Cable, And It's A Total Nightmare

Calling your cable provider is always a headache, but this case is much worse than your average support phone call.