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From Seinfeld to Ben-Gvir, Antisemites Attack Jews | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

Jewish businesses or anybody who supports Israel in any way are being attacked across the world by far-left and Islamist mobs. Is this causing an awakening a...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Hamas & Hezbollah believe US will not help Israel | The Caroline Glick Show

On this week’s episode of “The Caroline Glick Show,” she talks with American classicist, military historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson abo...

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Caroline Glick: The New Hostage Deal EXPLAINED & Why It Means Israel's Defeat

A new framework is being negotiated for a hostage release in exchange for a prisoner release, aid, and a temporary ceasefire. Will this mean defeat for Israe...

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Israel’s isolated generals

The Israeli public has made clear that it opposes cutting a deal for the hostages that will enable Hamas to survive the war. Its leaders should listen.

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The US pushes to reward Oct. 7th with a Palestinian State | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

The US and the international community continue to push Israel to create a Palestinian state in Gaza when the war is over, but is this something that Palesti...

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Israel at 101 days of war and what stands in its way to victory

Caroline Glick looks at the war in Gaza after 101 days of fighting, in addition to well as what is preventing Israel from achieving full victory against Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north—namely, the U.S. State Department. Watch her program, “In-Focus.”

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Israel Needs to Start Fighting to Win Against Hezbollah and Hamas

Hezbollah attacks army base in a major escalation of the conflict, back peddling in the war against Hamas and the rift between the army and the leadership gr...

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Israel’s survival clashes with America’s Lebanon delusions

With regard to Lebanon, U.S.-Israel relations are on a collision course.

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Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7 | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

The Israeli government is going to have to make some changes in the IDF General Staff if we want to win this war. And the West is going to have to make some ...

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Biden’s Hamas conundrum

The president’s continued reliance on his anti-Israel, pro-Iran officials is not merely a policy disaster. It is a political problem.

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Joe Biden's Catastrophic Judgment - CarolineGlick.com

While dooming tens of thousands of Afghans to death and millions more to utter misery, Biden's misjudgment is quickly multiplying the threats the US faces.