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Jimmy Carter talks North Korea, his wife's health

Jimmy Carter told his Sunday school class what he thinks about Donald Trump possibly meeting with Kim Jong Un and that his wife was on her way home three weeks after having serious surgery

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Who Gave Us Justice Ginsburg?

How can liberals credibly uphold the pretense that Supreme Court decisions represent judgments based on the Constitution, when Ginsburg has revealed herself to be a rabid partisan who wants to impose her ideology upon the United States?…

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Jimmy Carter: “Medical Marijuana Cured My Cancer”

While speaking to ABC News about the remission of his cancer, former President Jimmy Carter credited marijuana for killing of his cancer cells.   The Nobel winner thanked his doctors and family for…

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'Person of Interest' post-mortem: Showrunners discuss emotional finale and the return of Taraji P. Henson

It’s been a high-stakes year for Reese, Finch, Root, and the team on Person of Interest, which closed its latest—and best—season in predictably...