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Banning Cellphones in Schools: Study Needed on Effects | National Review

A new bill from Senators Tom Cotton and Tim Kaine would support a study of the effects of banning these devices in schools.

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Here's the Real Reason You Miss the Nokia 3310 | WIRED

The iconic mobile phone, which turns 20 years old, was an all-timer—and a reminder of less-connected times.

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New research shows blue light from electronics leading to blindn - News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH

Our cell phones are practically connected to us. Now, scientists at the University of Toledo say the blue light that comes from electronics is doing permanent damage to our vision. 

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Can Cellphones Cause Cancer? Experts Surprised By Latest Tests « CBS Pittsburgh

Can cellphones really cause cancer? A group of experts say the results of some tests are pretty surprising.

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The phone prison – how to stop people filming at gigs | Music | The Guardian

Artists including Alicia Keys and Guns N’ Roses are asking punters to seal their phones in lockable bags in their pockets, which can only be opened after the show. Does this mean grainy concert footage on YouTube is doomed?

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What Really Happens When You Don't Turn off Your Cell Phone on a Plane | Travel + Leisure

Regulations about personal electronics use on planes have changed over the years, but cell phone use is still banned because it causes interference. New technology could change all that. Learn more.

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Apple iPhone Demand Tracking Above Estimates

After worries about slowing iPhone sales sent Apple shares tumbling from November to January, a growing number of analysts think the worst might be over.

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Cellphones may damage male fertility, Israeli study finds | The Times of Israel

Technion researchers see link between mobile use and drop in sperm count, recommend shorter calls and not carrying phone in pants pocket

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Kids do a lot better when schools ban smartphones - May. 18, 2015

Banning students from carrying cell phones in school has the same effect on exam results as adding an extra week of learning, a new study found.

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In Japan, People Are Flipping Out Over The Flip-Phone: What's Old Is New Again

Everything that’s old is new again---and the flip-phone—the anti-smart phone & the Galapagos like replica of a time when Japan once dominated the world in mobile phones is making a comeback in this island country. For those of you who don&

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U.S. tightens security on electronics at overseas airports

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will not allow cellphones or other electronic devices on U.S.-bound planes at some overseas airports if the devices are not charged up, the agency said on Sunday. The new measure is part of the TSA's ef