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How Do Baby Birds Breathe Inside Their Eggs?

Discover the fascinating ways eggs provide everything a baby bird needs, including oxygen through a sophisticated system of membranes and air pockets.

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Officials estimate 100,000 chickens died in Connecticut farm fire

It's one of several such fires that have killed millions of chickens around the country over the past decade.

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Feds: Backyard chickens sicken people in 44 states - CBS News

The CDC warns that more than 200 have been stricken with salmonella linked to live chickens and ducks

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Scientists Have Grown ‘Dinosaur Legs’ On A Chicken For The Very First Time

Genetic scientists have successfully grown ‘dinosaur legs’ on chicken embryos for the very time. “These studies are not aimed at producing dinosaurs for commercial or non-scientific purposes, as in the Jurassic Park series,” the s