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SCOTUS Says Idaho Can Enforce Law Criminalizing Child Transing

Tucked into the justices’ order allowing enforcement was a warning to lower courts against weaponizing universal injunctions.

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Audio: D.C. Hospital Confirms It Performs Trans Hysterectomies On Girls Under 16 Years Old

A staffer from the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., confirmed in exclusive audio from Libs of TikTok that it performs so-called gender-affirming hysterectomies on girls younger than 16 years old.

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Ten-year-old ‘trans model’ looking forward to getting puberty blockers and then surgery at 16

Ten-year-old Noella says she socially transitioned at 4.

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10-Year-Old Celebrated As Youngest Transgender Model On New York Fashion Week Runway

A ten-year-old child who reportedly identifies as transgender just became the youngest transgender model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

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4-Year-Old 'Comes Out' as Transgender at Vancouver Pride Parade

A child "came out" as transgender during a "gender reveal" for the 4-year-old at the Vancouver Pride Parade.

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FDA, CDC Sold Out America’s Children — Could Their Betrayal Bring Down the Entire Childhood Vaccine Program?

By authorizing COVID-19 vaccines for young children on the basis of shoddy data, public health officials proved they’re in the business of protecting pharma’s profits, not people — and once enough people realize it, the entire childhood vaccine prog

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Incredibly Sad Video Shows Mother Pushing Left-Wing Gender Ideology on Her Son

The passive-aggressiveness from the mother as she films the encounter is truly disturbing to watch.

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Against All Odds: Mother Tells How Her Daughter and Every One of Her Friends Are Suddenly Trans

When I was a teenager, the cool kids smoked cigarettes. Today they cut off their weiners.
A mom writing for Substack’s “Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans” is claiming that...

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WATCH: Psaki Insists ‘Gender-Affirming Health Care’ For Kids Is A ‘Best Practice’

In her opening statement at Thursday’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki supported “gender-affirming health care” regarding children who have been deemed “transgender” kids, intoning, “To be clear, every major medical association agrees that gender-affirming health care for transgender kids is a best practice and potentially lifesaving.”

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Woman shares the story of why her kid wanted to share their nonbinary identity in their holiday card

"I obsessively checked Facebook and Instagram, fearing the worst. Surprisingly, I saw the best."

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New York Times piece argues that wearing masks can actually help your children learn

We want to mandate masks, so we went back deparately looking for ways they can help students learn.

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If You Own An Apple iPhone Your Right To Privacy Is Dead

Apple announced Thursday is it planning to scan all iPhones in the United States for child abuse imagery, raising alarm among security...

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Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children

This randomized clinical trial measured inhaled and exhaled carbon dioxide in children with and without face masks.

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Gender-Identity Activists Rebrand Sex Changes As ‘Gender-Affirming Medical Care’

Far-Left activists are actively attempting to rebrand sex change surgeries as “gender affirming medical care.” This definition is being...

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Second Grade Classes Shown ‘Emotional Learning’ Video That Included Depiction of Man with Erection

In a lesson that resulted in parents throughout the district being up in arms, Greenwich, Connecticut second graders were shown an...

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Drag Queen Activist Arrested For Child Porn, Still Living With Adopted Kids

When a Democratic judge was arrested for possession of child pornography, the usually outspoken lefty adoption police were silent.

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Twitter Seeks Shelter Under Section 230 Over Child Porn Lawsuit

In what can only be called an arrogant act of hubris, Twitter is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit from a minor who charges that the social...

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150 Missing Children Recovered in Joint Operation

A joint law enforcement operation months in the planning has recovered 150 children who had gone missing in Tennessee...

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Ghislaine Maxwell indictment: How Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam groomed his victims | Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein's longtime confidant and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday and is facing multiple sex abuse charges stemming from an alleged sex trafficking conspiracy involving underage girls. 

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Dad Of Trans Teen Begs For End Of ‘State-Sponsored Child Abuse’

‘I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for no good reason,’ Rob Hoogland says.

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Why 'Gender Neutral Parenting' Is Child Abuse

NBC reports on a parenting trend with a name as stupid as the thing itself: "theybies." This is the designation certain upper-class, white, liberal parents have given to their childr

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I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse.

Transgender ideology is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us, and with the apparent growing support of the medical community.

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Childhood Trauma, Mental Illness & Diagnostic Distractions

The vast majority of people diagnosed with a mental illness have suffered from some form of childhood trauma.

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Adrian Peterson officially reinstated from suspension by NFL | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Adrian Peterson is now officially a member of the Minnesota Vikings again, after the NFL reinstated him from a suspension dating back to last year.

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Judge overturns Adrian Peterson's NFL suspension | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Let's go ahead and chalk the Adrian Peterson suspension up as another mistake for the NFL as it tries to police its own league.

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Adrian Peterson suspended for 2014 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Vikings running back will not play again this season.

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Peterson pleads no contest, avoids jail time

Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson avoided jail time Tuesday in a plea agreement reached with prosecutors to resolve his child abuse case.