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The Science of Masking Kids at School Remains Uncertain

A large, groundbreaking study suggesting no clear benefit from school mask mandates has many experts questioning the policy.

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Could a Kid's Microbiome Alter Their Behavior? - WebMD

The study also noted that parents may play a key role in development of the particular bacteria in their child's gut (collectively known as the microbiome).

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Eric Trump: Hypocrisy creates unlevel playing field in politics

The media attacks my family viciously while going easy on another family in the spotlight.

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Kids who get a half-hour of sunshine daily have significantly lower risk of IBD later in life

Here's another reason to get your kids outside every day: a new study finds that children who spend at least a half-hour a day in the sunshine have a significantly reduced risk for developing either inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) later in life.

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Tuning in to Microwave Sickness

As the amount of electronic radiation hitting our bodies increases, so too does its effect on our bodies' own electrical systems, especially our brains.

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Sleep Quality Affects Children's Eating Habits, Linked To Obesity - Study Finds

Children who struggle to sleep soundly may battle eating issues and struggle to maintain a healthy weight over time, a recent study finds.

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What Are The Benefits of Probiotics for Children?

Know the reasons why probiotics are important for developing kids’ bodies as a valuable investment in their present and future health.*

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Can Hypnosis Improve Kids' Health?

Hypnosis may help kids with certain health problems, such as stomach pain or anxiety, say research scientists who have studied hypnotherapy in children.

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Fact or Fiction?: Vaccines Are Dangerous

Overwhelming medical evidence proves that negative side effects are rare and minor

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The Value of Homework

Sleepless nights, not participating in extracurricular events, and high levels of stress - all of which are attributed to large and daunting amounts of homework.

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Robyn O’Brien - Tackling Children’s Food Allergies

Today I’m lucky to have my friend and colleague Robyn O’Brien talking with me about food, food allergies, and her own journey as a food activist mom.