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Exactly What Are We Shooting Down Over Canada?

If the objects are spy balloons smaller than the one China sent over last week, who is sending them? Whoever it is, they are hiding their identity well.

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MSNBC Spreads Fake News About Trump and Chinese Spy Balloons

MSNBC's Mehdir Hasan spent an entire segment on the debunked claim that Trump failed to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon. Scarborough later repeated the claim.

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Head of NORAD asked about those three Trump-era spy balloons

The NORAD commander's as bad as Karine Jean-Pierre.

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There Are Big Problems With Biden Team's Evolving Story About Prior Chinese Balloons

Either Biden is gaslighting us big time to smear Trump or there's a real problem here.

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What We Know About The Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over United States

The United States is tracking a high-flying, suspected Chinese spy balloon over the lower 48 states.