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At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War

A dispute between a maid and her employer led to a full-blown riot, an unusual boiling over of resentment between rich and poor in India.

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In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat

Companies are becoming adept at identifying wealthy customers and marketing to them, creating a money-based caste system.

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How to Accept a Compliment With Class

You hand someone a gift and they eagerly tear off the wrapping paper and lift the lid on the box. But as they pick up and examine the present tucked inside,

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DeAngelo Williams' cool gesture to Marine on his flight

The Carolina Panthers star did something pretty cool for a member of the military, catching him completely by surprise.

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First-class move: Amy Adams gives up seat to serviceman on flight

Actress Amy Adams pulled a first-class move on Friday during a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles when she gave up her prime seating to...