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These 6 Dust-Busting Houseplants Could Reduce the Need for Your Most Dreaded Chore

Houseplants have many benefits, and trapping dust is another accolade to add to the list. These are the five best plants to add to your home if you want to dust less

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How to Deep Clean Your Mattress Quickly and Easily

Cleaning Lab Director Carolyn Forte explains how to clean a mattress yourself.

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Best Way to Clean a Burnt Pan | The Kitchn

Find out which among the five methods used for cleaning burnt-on messes off pots and pans is the most effective.

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8 Things People with Clean Kitchens Always Do

Follow these habits of people with clean kitchens to keep your kitchen as tidy and clutter-free as possible.

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The 9 Best Cat Pee, Odor, and Stain-Removal Products of 2023 | Tested by The Spruce Pets

We tested the best odor and stain-removal products on the market so you can clean up after your cat

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The 10 Best Enzyme Cleaners for Dogs and Cats That Tackle Carpets, Floors, Furniture, and More | Daily Paws

We've rounded up 10 of the best enzyme cleaners for dogs and cats, for use on furniture, carpets, floors, and more. Plus, get expert advice on what to look for when you buy and enzyme-based cleaning product.

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The Best Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen, According to a Chemist | Cook's Illustrated

We asked a chemist to tell us about the best types of cleaners to keep pots and pans, dishes, glassware, and kitchen towels immaculate.

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I Tried 5 Methods for Cleaning Tile Grout — And the Winner Was Ridiculously Effective

A writer tests out five cleaning methods to clean up the blackened tile grout in her kitchen, and found a clear winner!

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The One Mistake You’re Making When Cleaning Your Stovetop | Real Simple | MyRecipes

First rule: Do not procrastinate. Here's how to act fast to clean a glass cooktop or gas burner stove, the right way.

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This is What Gives the Mr Clean Magic Eraser Its Superpowers | Kitchn

What exactly is the Mr Clean Magic Eraser made of? And why is it so darn good at cleaning? We got the answers!

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How to Clean Your Kid’s Backpack

Don't just replace your kid's dirty backpack! Follow these tips to clean, wash and disinfect your kid's backpack and it will soon be looking like new again.

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People Who Enjoying Cleaning The House Are Happier, More Empathic, Survey Finds

People who keep a clean home are not only happier, but more relaxed and focused than those who are messy, a new survey finds. What's more: children in cleaner home study more and show greater empathy.

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The Household Products That Cause Air Pollution

A new study finds that many household goods degrade air quality more than once thought.

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How To Organize LEGO

One genius way is Swoop Bags - a simple toy storage bag that contains the LEGO mess while kids play around the bag. Kids love to play with toys, but when it comes time to cleanup that can be another story.

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5 Ordinary Things That Remove Stains

Follow theses step-by-step instructions, with explanations and photos, on how to do this: 5 Ordinary Things That Remove Stains

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10 Innovative Ways to Make Your Home Look Like New (with images) · demiistanley

​In a perfect world, your house will remain the same all the time. But over the time, the beautiful and modern decorations change and perish. And a time comes when you have to change one or two things. Check out these 10 ideas that will help you turn yo

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Take a Look at The Incredible Adele's “Lock House" in West Sussex - Realty Times

The community looks on celebrities as “shining example of model”. Whether they’re actors, dancers or singers – these people ar...

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7 Alternative Methods to Clean The Oven

7 Alternative Methods to Clean The Oven

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17 Ingenious Applications of Your Kitchen Accessories

The peeler and the ice cream spoon are usually used as intended. Their names can reveal exactly what is their function. But you probably don't know that you can use many of your kitchen appliances in different ways.

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Checklist: Increase the Potential Sale Price of Your Property

Homeowners wanting to sell their house will always be interested in how much the property value is, compared to the bottom line home resale price. If you want to get the best price possible when selling your house, it's very important to make sure tha

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Plan: Do Your Spring Cleaning in One Day?

Do you plan to do your spring cleaning in a single day? Then there's nothing to talk about, let's get to work and start cleaning your house.

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11 Household Uses of Ammonia

While it is not completely harmless as a basic ingredient for house cleaning, ammonia is milder than many synthetic cleaners. If you use natural...

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House Cleaning Robots That Can Help You Clean Your Home by Demi Stanley

Life is too short to waste your time cleaning the whole house every single day. It’s boring, and usually the last thing you’re thinking about after a long working day. So, why not take a look at some ...

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6 Purely Psychological Effects of Washing Your Hands

Wash your hands, wash your mind: recover optimism, feel less guilty, less doubtful and more...

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Things You're Not Washing Often Enough

Your kitchen harbors bacteria and mold in unlikely places. Here are eight of the dirtiest spots, and the best ways to keep them clean.

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The 6 Things You Should Clean Every Single Day

Taking a few minutes to wipe down these items can get rid bacteria and dirt hiding in plain sight.

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How to Be a Pro at Organizing Under Your Sinks - 101 Days of Organization

Lots of people either shove cleaning materials under their sink or just keep one or two things down there because of the space. You don’t need to cram it full, but you also don’t need to leave the space empty and barren. Here are a few great tips to h

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What Every Business Should Know About Commercial Cleaning - Blue Ribbon Cleaning Services

Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company? Here's everything you should know before making a deal on cleaning.

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List of Things to Dispose Of

Cleaning out clutter can be a tough task, especially if you have been letting it build up for a while. Instead of setting aside a huge block of time to take care of months' or years' worth of clutter, take baby steps by throwing away only one type of

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How to Clean Your Oven

If the last time you cleaned your oven was 1982, it's time to whip out the elbow grease—it's 2016 and your most used kitchen appliance needs a little TLC.

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7 Salt Life Hacks You Probably Don't Know About But You Should

You learn something new every day right?