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How Music Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

Listening to or practicing music had positive implications on cognitive decline in older adults by stimulating the production of gray matter in key brain areas, a new study reveals.

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Six lifestyle choices to slow memory decline named in 10-year study

Over-60s who combined more healthy lifestyle choices enjoyed most benefit, found Beijing researchers

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Duolingo is probably a better Alzheimer’s treatment than the newest breakthrough drug

Numerous studies have shown that bilingualism is incredibly effective at warding off the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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Biden's Top 10 Blunders Of 2022 That Prove He's In Decline

Here are 10 gaffes from the grandpa in the White House that should make every American question why anyone thinks he's not a figurehead.

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3 Simple Habits That Can Protect Your Brain From Cognitive Decline

These three habits help your body, and also have a positive impact on your brain.

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The Surprising Link Between Daytime Naps And Cognitive Decline

New study finds surprising links between daytime naps and impacts on cognitive health like Alzheimer's disease risk and dementia.

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The Podcast | Underground USA | United States

One has to contemplate why President Biden's handlers would allow him to engage in a CNN town hall when they won't even allow him to field questions at managed press conferences. But the President's telegraphing of his indifference to "freedom" is somethi

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REPORT: Sen. Dianne Feinstein In Severe Cognitive Decline, Schumer Having ‘Serious And Painful Talks’

After several moments over the past months that have raised eyebrows among high profile Democrats, it is being reported by

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Blood Pressure and the Brain

Hypertension is at the root of cognitive decline. It's becoming increasingly clear that high blood pressure, or hypertension, is at the root of much cognit