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Pantone's New Cookbook Organizes Recipes By Color | Mental Floss

Pantone Foodmood features dishes designed to highlight the shades in Pantone's famous color guide, including blue cabbage risotto and pistachio green cakes.

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End of the Rainbow? New Map Scale is More Readable by People Who Are Color Blind - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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Cool or Just Common? Blue is the Web’s Most Popular Color | Adobe Blog

Is the color blue enriching your website, or did you choose a different strategy? If you chose blue, you are not alone. After scraping color codes from the world’s top ...

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Amateur mathematician cracks decades-old math problem

Aubrey de Grey took on the Hadwiger-Nelson problem, which has stumped mathematicians for more than 60 years

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This incredible artist can paint songs using colors she sees in her head due to a neurological quirk - News - Alternative Press

Human beings are remarkable in so many different ways. Melissa McCracken, for instance, is a synesthetic artist, and you've got to see her beautiful creations.

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25% of the people have a 4th cone and see colors as they are

Given the sudden interest for the color of dresses and vision, here some of the fascinating findings we did recently.The color nuances we see depend on the number and distribution of cones (=color receptors) in our eye. You can check this rainbow: how man