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Best Way To Offer Support During Hard Times? Use Messages Of Validation, Study Suggests

A new study finds that messages of support which validated a person's feelings were more helpful overall than the ones that were critical or that diminished emotions.

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8 Home Products that Can Make our Life Better - The Architects Diary

Home is a place that ensures protection, comfort and ease. If any of these is missing, you may not be able to feel fully at home. You do whatever it takes to get the feeling of comfort that you deserve after a long hectic day at work.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Restless Legs Syndrome Patients’ Periodic Limb Movements Linked with Blood Pressure Changes

A SLEEP 2018 abstract finds a strong correlation between systolic blood pressure increases and periodic limb movements in sleep in patients with RLS.

Psychology | Relationships

Study breaks down the healing effects of a loving touch

Holding a partner's hand - especially if they are empathetic and biologically synced up to you - can diminish the feeling of pain, according to a new study from Colorado University, Boulder.

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Common Allergic Reactions and Allergy-Trigger Pictures

From pollen and pets to food and bugs, find out the most common things that can trigger allergy symptoms in this WebMD slideshow.