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DoJ Drops Charges Against 5 Researchers for Hiding Chinese Military Connection

In a move that raises serious questions about the Biden administration’s relationship with the Communist Chinese, the Department of...

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Why Is Biden Even Allowing the Chinese to Build a Wind Farm in Texas?

Tacit approval through the Biden administration’s silence on a proposed Chinese wind farm on Chinese-owned land in southwest Texas is...

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Communist Chinese Mouthpiece Saber-Rattles Australia

An editorial from a usual suspect Communist Chinese state-connected publication issued a blatant threat to the Australian government...

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IG Report: Ethics Questions About Elaine Chao's Use of DOT Resources

Former Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, routinely used her position and agency staff to benefit family members who own and run a...

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Bill Aims to Kick Communist Chinese Companies Off US Stock Exchanges

Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prevent “malign Chinese companies” from being listed on the American stock...

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Democrats Block Amendment to Prevent COVID Relief-Stimulus Funds from Going to China

An amendment to the House COVID relief-stimulus package that would have prevented any funding from going to the Communist Chinese was...

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China’s Ministry of Education Plans to Tackle ‘Feminization of Male Youths’ as West Embraces LGBT Agenda

As many Western countries advocate for transgenderism and LGBT issues, China is moving in the polar opposite direction, doubling down

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Uyghurs Who Survived China’s Concentration Camps Describe Gang Rapes With Electric Batons

Ethic minorities, including Uyghurs and Kazakhs, who escaped the slave-producing concentration camps of China’s Xinjiang province, recall routine acts of

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SUPER SOLDIERS? Communist Chinese Altering DNA of Their Military Personnel

John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is experimenting with “gene editing” to boost

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China Launches Influence Campaign Targeting Biden, Team

It doesn’t really matter who prevails in the 2020 presidential race when you are the Communist Chinese government. The United

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Democrats Warren, Klobuchar, Wyden Wrote Complaint Against Dominion In 2019

Dominion Voting Systems is front and center in the news today because of “glitches” and flipped vote counts performed by

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Georgia Senate Candidate Ossoff Has Pro-Communist China Financial Ties in Hong Kong

One of the candidates in the January 5, 2021, run-off election in Georgia has quietly amended his financial statement to