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The SEC Just Made Crowdfunding Way More Interesting for Small Startups

Thanks to an update in the rules by the SEC, small companies can raise up to $5 million in the same way hardware startups can raise millions on Kickstarter, but instead of delivering a product, these Regulation Crowdfunding companies deliver profits or eq

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The 6 Top Crowdfunding Platforms of 2020

Get the funds you need for a project. We researched and reviewed the best crowdfunding platforms based on ease of use, success, and more.

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How a Web Design Company Crowdfunded Millions and Completely Disappeared

The Grid suddenly locked customers out of their websites and went silent for a year. Now, the CEO says he was naive. "I can imagine there's a few people who are pissed off."

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How GoFundMe Is Redefining The Business Of Disaster Relief

Families in need used to look to nonprofits and government. Now they can raise their own funds in record time–assuming they have a click-able story.

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Cheempo - Character Created To #ProtectChimpanzees | #Indiegogo

Cheempo teaches kids about wildlife protection. Join us to reach our first phase $10,000

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The risk of investing in crowdfunding startup campaigns - Business Insider

Crowdfunding allows people to create amazing products, but there's also a lot of potential for scams. Here's what you should know about potential risks.

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New Rules Give Startups Access to Main Street Investors

A new law, which goes into effect Monday, will allow small businesses and startups to sell shares to Main Street investors on crowdfunding portals.

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Trends Show Crowdfunding To Surpass VC In 2016

By 2016 the crowdfunding industry is on track to account for more funding than venture capital, according to a recent report by Massolution. Just five years ago there was a relatively small market of early adopters crowdfunding online to the tune of a rep

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Raising Millions With Equity Crowdfunding Will Cost You, But How Much?

Regulation A+ promises to be a game changer for how emerging companies are funded, but mind those attorney and accountant fees.