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How Santa Monica Is Trying to Lure People Back to the Third Street Promenade

Can fun chairs, fake grass, and communal pianos make the outdoor mall relevant again?

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Josiah Citrin and Hans Rockenwagner to Open a Throwback Steakhouse in Culver City - Eater LA

The former Frank Sinatra haunt gets new life

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This Culver City restaurant has a nine-page beer list

At the Cannibal — the meat-centered New York import anchoring Culver City’s Platform retail and restaurant development — beer is given as much consideration as the sustainably farmed and heritage meats on the menu. 

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My ‘doppelganger’ did it: Actor says it was a man who could be his double who blew red light

Steve Tom played a judge on the television show “Major Crimes.” But the actor felt he was on the wrong end of a verdict when he got a $490 ticket for blowing through a red light in Culver City.

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There's a chocolate apothecary bar in Culver City with chocolate body oil

If you've spent any time at ChocoVivo, Patricia Tsai's Culver City chocolate shop, you'll likely have eaten your fair share of chocolate. Tsai's stone-ground chocolate, which she sources from a farm in Tabasco, Mexico, comes in bars, which you can get who

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Just Opened: Have A Winter Picnic at LA Picnic

This healthy new Culver City eatery that's perfect for families (choices galore and they'll bring dinner to your car!) makes sticking to your "New Year, new eating choices" resolution a picnic.

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Holy Cross Cemetery: A Catholic Oasis with a Macabre Twist

From the first Korean saint to the first dracula (aka Bela Lugosi), diverse tales of people from many different continents are all united by a single religion at this Culver City cemetery.

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15 great places for food lovers in Culver City

In the past decade or so, once-sleepy Culver City has blossomed into an exciting food destination. Part of this is because of the shrewd city planning — all those city parking garages and broad cafe table-ready sidewalks downtown. The Helm

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Home Ice : Culver City Ice Arena

A tribute to Culver City Ice Arena and everyone that has called it home