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US Nuclear Weapons Contractor Hit by Ransomware Attack

A defense contractor linked to the US nuclear sphere has been compromised by the REvil ransomware cyberterrorist group, sharing snippets...

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Biden Provides Putin with a First Strike Hit List for Cyberattacks

Confounding foreign policy and military strategists alike, President Biden told reporters he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list...

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NATO Will Treat Cyberattacks Against Organization Countries as Armed Attacks

A statement issued by governments attending the North Atlantic Council meeting in Brussels warned that NATO is prepared to treat...

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Biden Administration Again Fails to Protect the Private Sector from Cyberattack

Yet another cyberattack on the US private sector has occurred signaling that the Biden administration is missing in action when it comes...

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Solar Wind Hackers At It Again; Target and Compromise USAID

New cyber intelligence from the private sector indicates that the same group that executed the devastating Solar Winds cyber-attack has...

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The DarkSide Attack On the Colonial Pipeline And Why We Should Pay Attention

As the eastern seaboard of the United States prepares for higher gasoline prices because of the DarkSide ransomware attack on the...

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Hackers Hide Cyberattacks in Social Media Posts

A recent attack on the accounts of Defense Department employees suggests how easily people can be duped into clicking on dangerous links.

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Homeland Security is investigating nude-photo cyberattack on Leslie Jones

The cyberattack on “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones is being handled at a federal level, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Thursday.