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After 3-Year-Old Killed In Uptown, North Side Alderperson Wants City To Tow Cars Blocking Bike Lanes

"With all the people who have been in accidents over the past month, especially on the North Side, we need to do the right thing and keep our neighbors safe,” Ald. Andre Vasquez said.

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3-year-old girl in bike carrier dies when mom goes around ComEd truck parked in bike lane and is hit by passing semi

The semi was pulling away from a stop sign at Leland and Winthrop when it knocked the mother off balance and the girl was thrown under the wheels of the truck, police said.

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More cyclists are being killed by cars. Advocates say U.S. streets are the problem

The pandemic got more people riding bikes, but the number of cyclists hit and killed by cars is rising at an alarming rate. "We're buying materials for ghost bikes in bulk," one cycling advocate says.

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Killing Cyclists Is As American As Mass Shootings

There are easy ways to prevent both, yet we carry on as if nothing is wrong

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Love them or hate them, research offers financial case for big city bike lanes

Bike lanes come with their share of claims and controversies; beloved by some and bemoaned by others. But research suggests bike lines in urban areas can give businesses a boost.