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Watch Jerry Seinfeld put DEI advocate to shame in 30 seconds

When a certain “asexual white weirdo,” in the words of Dave Rubin, made his way onto Jerry Seinfeld’s show, he was quick to point out the surplus of “white males” on the host’s other talk show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” But all it took was 30 se

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An Alarming Lesson in Anti-Jewish Resentment

When it comes to DEI programs and other race-focused bureaucracies, it can be easy to forget the underlying ideology and focus on the diversity offices and officers themselves. But in

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Your Pilot Is a DEI Hire. Good Luck!

United Airlines set an aggressive diversity goal for their pilot training academy: at least 50% will be women or people of color. Shouldn’t the only…

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Harvard’s diversity chief hit with 40 plagiarism accusations in wake of Claudine Gay scandal

Harvard University’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Sherri Ann Charleston, has been accused of 40 examples of alleged plagiarism in her academic work, according to the Washington Free…

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You Should Rethink Flying United Airlines

 In 2021, United Airlines released the following statement:

"Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That's why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color."

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DEI Strikes Again: The FBI Hiring the Obese and the Barely Literate

 The FBI was once the premier law enforcement organization in the world. It has been heralded in books and movies, and FBI agents have generally been seen by the public as upstanding, morally exceptional people, who put the safety and well-being of the American people first.

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Major Cornell donor pulls funding over ‘toxic’ DEI culture, pens letter calling for president’s resignation

Lindseth also said that a new campus “bias reporting system” has helped to foster an “Orwellian environment” among classmates, colleagues and neighbors.

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FAA's Insane Diversity Push May Change DEI to DIE

 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is, remember, the federal agency that oversees commercial air travel, including the airlines, their primary purpose being to keep air travel, above all things, safe. So why, then, has that agency bought into the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion nonsense to the point where their hiring choices have the chance of actually getting American air travelers killed?

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Bill Ackman: How to Fix Harvard | The Free Press

Claudine Gay’s ouster won’t change things. The college needs a complete overhaul, starting with a resignation of the board and the removal of DEI from every corner of the institution.

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Vox Worried That Antisemites Make DEI Look Bad

The Left makes progress as long as it can obscure the horrors the ideology imposes on people.
Talk to most liberals, and they blithely accept the assurances that Leftists make about how following thei...

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Fresh Allegations of Plagiarism Unearthed in Official Academic Complaint Against Claudine Gay

Harvard University on Tuesday received a complaint outlining over 40 allegations of plagiarism against its embattled president, Claudine Gay. The document paints a picture of a pattern of misconduct more extensive than has been previously reported and put

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'This is Definitely Plagiarism': Harvard University President Claudine Gay Copied Entire Paragraphs From Others’ Academic Work and Claimed Them as Her Own

Harvard University president Claudine Gay plagiarized from numerous academics over the course of her academic career, at times airlifting entire paragraphs and claiming them as her own work, according to reviews by several scholars. In four papers publish

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The Federal Home Loan Bank Of Atlanta Is Using 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion' To Determine Loans

 'Diversity, equity, and inclusion' is just code for 'government/corporate mandated racism' and you can't convince us otherwise.

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DEI an Enemy of Free Speech, Not a Friend | National Review

While the danger of DEI is especially acute in medical schools, the ideology damages educational standards and jeopardizes free speech everywhere.

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Why My Generation Hates Jews

My peers have been indoctrinated to believe that Jews are oppressors. And so even our mass slaughter is seen as justifiable revenge.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Hamas and Amoral Clarity

One unexpected blowback from the medieval Hamas’s barbaric murdering of hundreds of Israeli civilians is the revelation of current global amorality.

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The Truth About Diversity and the Terrifying Reason the Commie Left Is Pushing It

Diversity pushers think they're helping minorities advance in society and business. But in reality, they are helping the commie globalists advance their goals.

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The Inside Forces Upending Medicine

DEI in our med schools, trauma in psychiatry: two stories explore the sabotage of science.

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‘Anti-racist’ Yale hosts a cheerleader for Jew-killing and racial hatred

Yale University makes no secret that among its top institutional priorities are “anti-racism” and diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is also no secret that both Yale’s administration and students have been vigilant — some say too vigilant — in condemnin

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Unqualified Equity - The American Conservative

The DEI regime creates perverse incentives in the housing market.

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PODCAST | Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Red Curtain

Listen now (44 min) | Before we get into this morning’s segment on Talkback with Chuck Wilder, I'd like to reiterate what we talked about to a great extent in this episode and that is the danger the Communist Chinese pose to our culture.

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The Woke Rock & The Global Conflict Hard Place

To say that the United States is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to how the stage is being set for global conflict would be an understatement. With the US engaged in a proxy war with Russia to the tune of getting on

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UNC–Chapel Hill Drops DEI Hiring Requirement amid Growing Backlash | National Review

The announcement comes on the heels of the unanimous decision by the university board of governors aimed at reinforcing free speech and debate.

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PODCAST | On This President’s Day Our President Tempts Fate?

Listen now | On this President's Day, our President, regretfully Joe Biden, is over in Ukraine shooting his mouth off about how the US is going to probably end up giving F-16s to Ukraine further embedding the United States into that conflict to a poi

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Destroying Meritocracy Is Deadly › American Greatness

A recent epidemic of airline near misses deserves both attention and reflection. In mid-December, a San Francisco-bound United Airlines Boeing 777-200 airliner, just a little over a minute after…

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DeSantis, Scourge Of Wokeness - The American Conservative

It's on! Florida governor announces plan to defund DEI and CRT bureaucracies at state universities

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The Woke Virus Has Landed Deep in the Heart of Texas

"Wokeness" is often associated with small liberal arts colleges and the Ivy League, but it’s also found a home at one of the largest public universities in one of the reddest states in the country: the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Like DeSantis, All Republicans Should Stop College Board Classes

On Sunday, Kamala Harris claimed preventing teachers from teaching kids to judge each other by skin color is 'ban[ning] American history.'

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DeSantis vs. DEI: An Honest Accounting - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Earlier this month, Gov. Ron DeSantis set off alarm bells in academia by requesting an accounting of expenditures related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory (CRT) in Florida’s public universities. For years, Republicans h

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Texas bill would ban diversity offices at public colleges

The proposal includes a provision that would force institutions to pay legal costs for people who successfully sue them for violations.

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How DEI Is Supplanting Truth as the Mission of American Universities

An obsession with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion threatens students, professors, and the very credibility of higher education in the U.S.

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Victor Davis Hanson: A Rendezvous With Rwanda?

“Despite being Black, he [Rep. Byron Donalds] supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy.”—Representative Cori Bush (D-Mo.)…

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Report Reveals Just How Much the DEI Complex Has Infiltrated Medical Education

Forty-four percent of medical schools have tenure and promotion policies that reward scholarship on “diversity, inclusion, and equity.” Seventy percent make students take a course on “diversity, inclusion, or cultural competence.” And 79 percent require t

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Princeton Introduces ‘Diversity’ Search Filter for University Vendors

Princeton University has created a "supplier diversity" tool that allows staff to search for vendors with "diverse attributes," part of a multiyear plan to inject diversity quotas into the school’s procurement process.

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TV station puts out a casting call for people of ‘diverse and cultural backgrounds’ to interact with reporters

The station wants to showcase the diversity of its news team.

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Ted Cruz confronts State Dept. chief diversity officer over 'brazen discrimination' — and he brings the proof

Ted Cruz confronts State Dept. chief diversity officer over 'brazen discrimination' — and he brings the proof

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If Democrats Really Wanted Equality, They'd Treat Criminals Equally

Remember when you were a kid and your mom yelled at you for the slightest transgression you committed, but your felonious punk sibling got away with redrum?
Democrats have the same problem. They turn...

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In practice, ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ boils down to leftist dogma, including hatred of Israel

Kudos to the Heritage Foundation workers who pinned down crystal-clear evidence of ugly bias among those pushing “diversity, equity and inclusion,” or DEI.