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The media fawns over the likes of George Floyd, Adam Toledo, and Ma’Khia Bryant, people walking on the wrong side of the law when fate caught up with them. But what about those who put on a badge and strap on a gun everyday to put themselves between you

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The Two-Tier Justice System: It All Depends on Who You Shoot

Two different scenarios and two police officer-involved shootings. But two very different processes as one police officer is charged in...

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A Black Woman Was Murdered On Video While Holding Her Baby. BLM Completely Ignored The Case.

You probably haven’t heard the name Brittany Hill. If you have, you certainly haven’t heard it as often, or as loudly, or accompanied with as much

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Brooklyn Center City Council: Constitutionally Illiterate Or Just Cowardly?

In a move that begs to be examined for motivation, the Brooklyn Center City Council voted to fire its city manager in the aftermath of a...